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  I was born in China and moved to the US at an early age. Studying was not my forte, so I spent my youth skipping classes and taking photos. Much to my parents' relief, I landed a prestigious internship at The Washington Post upon graduating university. Not long after that, I attended The Eddie Adams Workshop and won of the Surface Avant Guardian. Those small leaps cemented a career that's been taking me on assignments all over the world.


  My journey in picture making went from photojournalism to fashion, and now advertising. In 2011 I moved from New York to Shanghai to witness China's economic boom first hand.  I've been fortune to help clients bridge eastern and western cultures through my lens. I'm now putting all my experience to use making both personal and commercial images for the biggest brands in the world. When I'm not taking pictures, you can probably find me surfing or dancing salsa.

Shanghai | Los Angeles | Available Worldwide


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